Stop the Glorification of Busy.

I saw this quote on Pinterest tonight.

“Stop the glorification of busy.”

I adore it.

I feel like I am so busy, all the time. Someone asks me to do something, “I’m sorry. I’m busy that night.”

What am I busy doing? Probably the dishes, or laundry, exercising, or even painting my nails. I am rarely ever actually that busy.

Before I met J, I worked somewhere between 2 to 5 jobs. I was working all the time, I rarely had time to be bored. Now that I only work until five, I am discovering I have much free time. Sometimes an overabundance of free time.

J keeps telling me to just slow down. To enjoy my free time.

I find that so hard to do. I don’t know when the last time I watched a movie to TV show at home without doing something else. I am either on my phone, laptop, writing, etc.

I feel like this weekend I did a good job of relaxing, of not watching the clock. I went to bed when I was tired, instead of when it was a specific time. I ate when I was hungry, I did what I felt like doing. I hope to continue this on during the week, only more responsibly considering I have a job to think of.

I just need to listen to J and slow down. Enjoy each moment as it comes.

“If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?”


Bad Moms

I went and saw Bad Moms with my friend Becca this morning at 11. I love going to movies in the mornings. The theater is usually empty, or as close to it as possible.

That’s the Beccster waiving her Icee in the air like she just don’t care.

The movie was pretty good, but the popcorn was even better.

9 Miles

9 Miles. That is how long we walked today. 9 long miles. J and I woke up at 8 this morning, got dressed and downed some Gatorade energy gummy things.


Then we headed out to Linear Trail to do the entire thing.


We started here at 9 in good spirits. The weather was pretty decent, a little sticky but there was a nice breeze that helped cool things off.

I don’t think I saw anybody else walking, mostly biking or jogging. Around the 3 mile mark maybe there was this cool sign.


It looks they measured out the planets into the walking path. However, I only saw two signs, one for Mercury and the other for Saturn, which was a lot bigger than Mercury.


People were very friendly. Most smiled and said hello which did kind of surprise me.

There were a lot of places that were gorgeous, like this grove here.


We also enjoyed some of the local art work.


1.5 Miles left! At this point we sent a text out to our ride so he could get ready.


We jogged a little on the last stretch. We really wanted to get there before noon, which we did!

9 long miles later…..





VICTORY!! A little tired, a little sore, but feeling great!

And thanks to my Brother From Another Mother (aka brother-in-law) who came and got us and drove us back to the other side of Manhattan to our car!


So..What did you do on your Saturday morning?



I had to leave work early today so I wouldn’t get overtime. I didn’t want to drive home just to come back 30 minutes later to pick up J, so I went to his office. 

Notice the cute little Dr. Who on the left? That is his obsession. Not Dr. Who, even though it is fantastic, but the POP figurine things. That one was a Christmas gift from my sister Lacy and her family. We (I say we, even though it is in his office and I never see it) just bought a new one last weekend. 

They also have this thing called First Friday at CivicPlus (his job). At 4:30 on the first Friday of every month the whole company goes upstairs and eats and drinks. At 5 family and friends can come, but this is the first time I have been here before 5. 

There is usually a theme and this time it is Pokemon. There is 4 way Pokemon beer pong and mostly everyone is on a scavenger hunt. 

The Weekend!

I love weekends. They are the best thing ever, except for weeks when you’re on vacation. That’s when every day is great! It has been a busy weekend. Friday night we went out to Carlos O’Kellys where I had a delicious White Peach Sangria (or two). We popped next door to Hastings where they were having a going out of business sale and then Best Buy to get me a headset to game with. 

I had to work Saturday morning which sucked but after a delicious lunch of Dairy Queen’s chicken strip basket (gotta love that gravy), I went and exercised for an hour. Jimmy Johns for supper and I just realized we ate out way to much this weekend. 

Sunday (aka today) I went hiking on Linear Trail with my friend Becca. It was gorgeous out there. We only went 3 1/2 miles and we decided to hopefully do the whole trail sometime this year. 

I guess people decided to try to turn it into France and have started hanging padlocks on one of the bridges.

The day is ending with the final day of Justin’s softball tournament. Hopefully they win game 1 at 7 which means they will play again at 9 for 1st or 2nd place. 

It is very humid out here. However…


And now I’m watching a game of sand volleyball after work.

I feel like there just isn’t enough hours in a day. I have so much stuff to do, but not enough time to do it all. 

For some good news…I lost 2.5 pounds this week! I really want pizza. And funyuns. And French fries. And chicken nuggets. And popcorn. And pizza. And Pepsi. And French fries. And strawberry fruit gushers. Are you maybe understanding the need for weight loss? Did I mention I want pizza and French fries? And maybe a Kit-Kat. 

Done With Sorry.




The definition: feeling distress, especially through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.

Yet, I apologize for everything.

Even when the word sorry doesn’t apply.

If I almost bump into someone in a hallway, “Oops, sorry!”

Instead I could say something like, “Please excuse me.”

If I make Justin wait for me in the parking lot at work, I say sorry.

If I don’t know the answer to a question..sorry.

If I don’t want to do something…sorry.

I think you get the picture. I don’t have an actual number but I want to guess that I say it at least, at least, 20 times a day, probably more.

Why? Why do I feel the need to apologize? Am I apologizing for my presence in the world? Does anyone ever apologize that much to me? No! Men rarely feel the need to apologize, so why do women?

Saying sorry that much makes me feel guilty.

It creates a pit in my stomach. A pit of guilt, and sadness, and…just…a pit.

I have decided that for the next week, I am going to try my hardest to not say that word.

It is forbidden.

It is evil.

It is a dangerous word.

A word that I will not say for the next 7 days.

Wish me luck.




I have been trying to think.

My brain is thoughtless.

So many thoughts I want to have, but can’t.

If anyone has any thoughts they would like to share with me, please do.

Because I have none.




I love the letter Z.

It’s so Zazzy.


Work, Brain, Work!




I love them.

I make lists for everything.

I am making a list right now about loving lists.

Bet you didn’t catch that, did’ya.

I want to write a book.

I am trying to write a book.

I am procrastinating by writing a blog post instead.

I love simple white shirts with simple designs.

I love pretending I’m younger than I really am.

I love painting my fingernails…over and over and over again.

I love kissing my husband.

Sometimes I wish my name was Alice.

I really want to be an entrepreneur.

I love the song at the end of Pitch Perfect 2. It makes me tear up.

More lists to follow…probably.

I apologize in advance.

I’m not really sorry.





I don’t golf. Let me rephrase, Justin hasn’t taught me how yet. I feel like his patience level isn’t high enough to handle it. So as I write this I am following J around the gold course watching him golf while I work on my tan. News flash. It’s hot.

The one thing I keep thinking about, “watch out for snakes” he says.

I’m sorry.


Would you mind repeating yourself?

So now not only do I have to make sure I don’t get hit by a rogue golf ball, fall into a ditch, or trip over a hole, I have to make sure I don’t step on a snake. Oops. Justin got mad at me cause I didn’t see him make in that last putt.

I feel like after all my great commentary such as “you missed the ball” he is probably never going to ask me to come with him again. We shall see. Oops. I talked while he was trying to hit the ball. My bad. If I would ever come here by myself I would have ZERO idea where to hit the ball. It would not be pretty.

The three cookies I ate early are not sitting well. “Boom. Crushed it.” Apparently expensive balls help. I was not aware he had expensive balls….

Why must we leave the shade????? Nnoooo. Not the sun!! I don’t need a tan. I’m okay with being pasty white. When we get home I am jumping in the swimming pool.

Based on his attitude, I think he is doing well, while I am slowly melting to death and needing a bathroom. Stupid cookies.

To explain, it is my turn for the Cookie Brigade at work. I had to make 2 dozen cookies for the bank to take to Fort Riley. I don’t like cutting recipes in half because I feel like they don’t turn out right…so I might have made 5 dozen cookies. Well, I didn’t make them all. I froze some of the batter for when ‘aunt flo’ comes to visit and I need amazingness. So that explains the cookies.

Whoa. That’s a big golf club. I could do some damage with that baby. I feel sweat running down my back. And my face. And my legs…at least I’m going to pretend it’s sweat (that was a joke)…maybe. *whispers* you’ll never know.

So many nats. Hole 7. So close to 9. Pause. Must observe the swing. Ick. Not good. Are we done yet? No. No we are not. Hole 8. So so close.

This. girl. is on fffiiiirrrrrreeeeee

Hole 9. What what. Yeah! Almost there.

This. Is. It.


That’s the game folks. Thanks for being here with me.

Much love, RR

The Bachelorette.

Some of my new friends love The Bachelorette, while I had never seen an episode before. I went to B’s house to watch one and I was hooked. I am catching up on previous episodes and I decided to just capture my thoughts while watching one. You’re Welcome. Haha!

Week 5. OK. Let’s do this.

I adore James Taylor. Jordan looks/acts like a d-bag.

Her clothes are so freaking adorable! That red dress. Oh man. Love it.

I keep thinking about UnReal (because it’s awesome!) and how much of this is actually real? 5 weeks. Psshaa.

Does the host have a smooshed nose?

Does that one guy look like John Krasinski?


I’m not sure about Chase. Your a little wierd. Aww..poor Wells. Wait, 31? He looks 19!

It smells like my oven might be on fire. Be right back. Wait! Wells just got a date! (smooch)

Why are the guys laughing at him. Alex, I don’t like you. Don’t be an ass. I don’t like you. Nope. Awkward? Really? YOU MADE IT AWKWARD! Jerkface.

Aww..They are cute together. Her outfit for the date…not.

Still lovin’ James Taylor. JT. Love it. He is so far the only one who hasn’t made fun of the guy yet. I think it’s good that they haven’t kissed. Patience Wells, patience! There is no such thing as a perfect moment! Just do it! Super awkward cheek kiss. Yikes.

Hey D-Bag! There is nothing wrong with taking things slow! Oh F-off.

That pool thing looks fun! JUST KISS HER MAN! AAWWWWW.

Wells. A little awkward. Different….I think I like him.

I want Wells and JT, and maybe the one dude whose name I don’t know. Not Alex. Not Jordan. Not Chase.

Is she sweating or is she just wearing a lot of glittery makeup?

Sad. Goodbye Wells. Hmm…

How uncomfortable is that microphone under all her clothes.

Don’t say NNNOOOO but smile. Guuhhh.

My pizza smells so good. Oh my gosh. Yumm. Is it time to eat yet????? No 😦

I love all the bright colorful building of Argentina.

Robby, what’s with your stupid looking shoes?

Luke…kind of a cutie.


Penalty kiss? good lord. let’s see if someone makes it. Come on JT. YYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!

Boom! He better get the group date rose. I will be pissed if he doesn’t.

SHUT UP JORDAN. No one cares what you think.

I can’t do this anymore. This is ridiculous. I gotta eat my pizza.

Peace out.





I have a rant inside me and it needs to come out.

I’m sure many of you have seen at least one of the #challenges that are out there. There are some that are good, like the #22Kill which helped bring awareness to the fact that about 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. You do 22 push-ups every day for 22 days. I had a friend on Facebook do it and she was inspiring, considering I could barely do one. I didn’t actually do the challenge, I just watched the videos. The#IceBucketChallenge was to raise awareness and money for ALS. One of the problems with it was that a lot of people didn’t realize that you were actually supposed to donate money depending on what you did.

Then we get to the stupid people.

There was a challenge where you set yourself on fire. Yes. Set. Yourself. On. Fire.

#A4Waist (The Paper Waist Challenge)

#ThighGap (The Thigh Gap Challenge)

#UnderBoobChallenge (The Pencil under the boob Challenge)

#BellyButtonChallenge (The Belly Button Challenge)

and so many more.

The latest #challenge has me pissed. I just happened to see the:


I’m sorry. What? WHAT?!


Who?  Who?  Who?

If a woman came up with it, she deserves to..I don’t even know what. Hopefully whoever started it doesn’t have daughters. If they do, they need to be taken away from them. Those girls need parents who respect females…and who aren’t complete SH!THE@DS! You know what, it doesn’t matter if they have girls or boys, they don’t deserve to have children.

The point of the #PantyChallenge is for girls to take a picture of their underwear without any stains or marks. I. Can’t. Even. Nope. Luckily there are a lot of girls against it, thank God. I haven’t actually seen any people I know do it. If they did, we would no longer be friends, because this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

Yes, setting yourself on fire is completely stupid but I liked to see that as getting rid of the idiots on earth. If you are stupid enough to set yourself on fire just to get on the internet, then you deserve whatever happens to you.

Anyone who does a superficial challenge like any of those are JUST. PLAIN. STUPID.


Girls need to start being smart, using your brain, stop being so vain. It doesn’t matter if there is a gap between your thighs. That doesn’t mean your healthy. Your waist is the size of a piece of paper? Hopefully you didn’t starve or vomit your way to get to that point. No one needs to know if I can hold a pencil under my boob. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS IN MY UNDERWEAR.

If you want people online to see in your underwear …then do porn.



Ok, I think my rant is over. Hopefully. Thanks for listening.

-The Rebel.


4 Days.

It has been a busy week, at work and at home. On Wednesday my sisters and their families rented a cabin at Milford Lake for a couple of days and rented a boat. We had a delicious lunch of Arby’s!!!! (I love Arby’s) and then we headed out to the lake after work. We did some tubing, my sister skied, and my brother-in-law wake-boarded (not sure on the spelling of that).

It was a blast! However, every muscle in my body still hurts, but it was so much fun! Then on Thursday night they all came over to our apartment to eat some pizza and use our pool. 6 adults and 5 children all under the age of 8. It was pretty chaotic but it was great to have everyone over.

Nothing exciting happened on Friday but after I worked til noon on Saturday, we went out to lunch at Mr. K’s Cafe in Manhattan. J’s aunt and uncle recommended it and it was delicious. I had a flat bread Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza. Yum. Yum. Yum. I also might have had a Red Raspberry Martini thing.


That’s right folks. I got drunk at lunch. After we got home at 1 p.m. (not a.m., p.m.) I took a nap for a few hours and finally got sober again around 9 p.m. I have never had a drink with lunch before. I don’t think I will again for a long while. It was a good week.