Meal Prep.

For some reason, probably allergies, I have been so tired this past weekend. I ended up falling asleep on the couch Friday night, woke up at 10 and went grocery shopping.

That is the time. Man, it was amazing. Dillons after 10 is practically empty.

Anywho, other than making a chicken crust pizza Saturday for lunch (which I will post about later) it went in the fridge until Sunday.

With our new workout, we also signed up for a meal plan with our trainer. I honestly never thought I would get tired of chicken but it’s happened. Read More


We did some “fun” workouts yesterday with our trainer. It was brutal.

We did some leg and butt stuff and now…now it is difficult to walk. And sit. And stand.

I think you get the picture.

I mean, everything else is also sore, but mostly my ass.

Which gives me hope that someday I will actually have one!

As I am reading this, I am fully aware that this sounds a little…dirty.

But…it’s not going to change, so you’re welcome.

This post is only about exercise, nothing else.

Also, I slept super wrong Monday night and my neck was killing me yesterday. That mixed with a headache and some fun hormones, I might have cried a little bit during our workout. One part mild frustration, the other part…pain? When my body hurts I have a tendency to cry.

Much love, Me.



I keep getting more and more obsessed with cooking.


It’s becoming an addiction.

Gordon Ramsay.

He is wonderful.

Especially when he is yelling at people on MasterChef.

I am not a huge, huge fan of MasterChef though. I really enjoy his more calm, online teaching videos.

I have never watched more than one episode of a cooking show before.

Gordon may cuss at people a lot, but I think he is actually rather sweet and wants people to do well.

Oh good grief people. Why why why do you say you nailed the dish?! WHY?!

When people say that, I know that it’s going to taste like crap.

But seriously, how do people come up with this crap to cook?

They are magicians. I don’t think I would never be able to be in a cooking competition.

That is super stressful looking.


Also, I don’t understand half the things they say!

I have some studying to do.

Also, how fun does that hand mixer thingy look?

♥ tRR

28 Miles for 28 Years.

28 Mi 4 28 Yrs.

When I turn 28 in a month and a half I will begin another challenge.

28 miles for 28 years.

I will try to enter walks, 5Ks, three-legged races, whatever sounds like fun to go 28 miles while I am 28.

A co-worker mentioned this today and it sounded rather like fun, so I have decided to try it. Anyone care to join me?

“Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are seeds without soil.”


Stew, Caramel, and Jokes.


I made some of my mum’s beef stew last weekend. Yum Yum Yum. I make very simple stew though. Meat, potatoes, onion, carrots and celery. Then, I pretty much just eat the meat and potatoes. Delicious. Sadly Justin doesn’t like stew. Weird man.


These things are gold.


This was a bit of the book I have been reading. When to not be completely honest. I laughed so hard at the last three lines. Luckily I will never have to worry about that.