We Bought a Thing!!


We bought a house.

A gorgeous, single floor, three bedroom, two bath, attached garage, large backyard kind of house.

This is the first morning in what feels like months that I have been able to just sit on the couch and…sit.

It feels good.



Cinco de Mayo.

May 5th. I put in some overtime hours at work, got my hairs cut, helped a friend with some wedding stuff, and then went out for dinner at La Fiesta, mostly because I had new hair, and got half my makeup done at Ulta. So…why not?

Surprisingly, the wait wasn’t awful. Read More

Breaking Bats.

Ever since I met J, I joined his co-rec softball team in the summer. He got a team together…4 or 5 years ago. After the first year, he got the company he works for to sponsor it.

After dealing with some frustrations over the past two years, we decided to get our own personal team together. However, we kept the team name that he created (along with the logo). Read More


Disclaimer: This post isn’t actually about ‘swinging’.

For those who don’t actually know my husband, he isn’t a hugely social guy. I have made that man go on so many new double dates, I used to feel kind of bad for him.

Untilllll…he accepted one on our behalf.

We thought we would just be doing lunch and bowling. We thought wrong.

And it was so much fun! Read More