Life in the Little Apple

About Me!

Hi there,

Alison and Justin bowling

Thanks for visiting The Rural Rebel, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

My name is Alison and I am a Kansas girl through and through. I’m a bit quirky/awkward, married to Justin, and a wannabe world traveler.

I also struggle to take a normal picture, which I’m sure you’ll notice if you join me.

Follow along with me for:

  • Weight loss / healthy habits
  • Life in Kansas (mainly The Little Apple: aka Manhattan, KS)
  • Marriage
  • Entertainment: I love movies, TV and books (and GIFs)
  • My general life
  • And maybe someday, travel stories

I know that blogs should have a ‘niche’ but I am interested in everything, in all aspects of life, so I really will talk about almost everything (except maybe politics).

My motto: Be curious.


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