Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

5 am Wake-Up Call.

Now that I am done with maternity leave and back at work (which means I’m really missing naps), I have started waking up at 5 am.

And yes, ‘started’ is the correct word choice since I’ve only been doing this for a week (maybe longer by the time I actually publish this post).

The getting out of bed part is difficult some mornings. We have a very comfortable bed.

I’ve discovered the secret for me is to not turn off my alarm until I am standing next to said bed.

Said bed. Boom. Poetry.

Also, I should probably stop saying ‘boom’ all the time….

Anyways, once I’m up I absolutely love it! I mean, I’m still freaking tired and exhausted, but it’s so nice just having a bit of time to myself.

I usually workout (I gotta lose this baby weight somehow), feed the kid once he wakes up, shower, do my hair and make-up (even though there is practically no one in our office right now, it just helps me feel more like an adult). I might have a few minutes to read a chapter of a book. But it’s just so nice having a little bit of silence and to get some things done in the morning!

It also helps me realize how I am pretty much surviving hour by hour, but maybe I kind of like it?

Love, RR.

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