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MM 100: Week 5.

Workouts 32 – ?

Monday weeks have gotten a bit mixed up. Not sure where I am with keeping things up to date. So I’m just going to resume here, even though I might actually be on week 6. Oh well!

Today was upbeat strength. I varied somewhere between 5 pounds and 10 lb for the workouts. My knees have been bothering me a lot lately but luckily with this workout I only had to modify the hundred second challenge. Oh and one of the warm ups. I do not want to get on my knees on our living room floor right now because that hurts.

I did some pondering this weekend and realized that I haven’t been putting in the full effort that I could be, so today was kind of a reset for that.

Full steam ahead!


On Tuesday I had my first women’s volleyball match and usually I burn a lot of calories when I play volleyball so I did not worry about trying to get in an additional work out. Side note, we got our butts kicked.


Today I was supposed to do the ab workout but I wasn’t feeling it. Instead I went to the next workout and did the Total Body Badass one instead. One of my knees has been bothering me a lot so I had to either modify or skip a few of the sets. I am getting a massage on Friday so I really hope that helps with my knees.


I had been feeling a little stressed and anxious this week, and my cure for that is to clean. So instead of doing a workout, I cleaned my closet and the bedroom. While I did this though, I wore ankle weights which really helped me burn some more pesky calories. It worked wonders! I went to sleep that night calm and serene. It was lovely.


Today I had my first CBD Deep Tissue Massage. It was amazing. Holy cow. Because of that, I didn’t workout that day either. I just kept the bliss alive by cooking a Valentine’s Day meal and we ended the day with a trip to Menards. Ah, marriage.


I went to my parents house to spend some time with my mom. These past couple weeks I have been struggling with food a little bit, so I used today to kind of do a reset. I did a light fast and didn’t do an actual workout because of that. When I fast, I don’t workout.


Today was weigh-in day. I am down to 180.6. Almost 10 pounds, almost. I meal prepped today, took care of some house work, spent the day getting ready for the week to come.


I really want to be down to 170 by my birthday (which is a little over a month away), and I feel pretty confident that I can. I just need to stay focused and not let things deter me.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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