Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

The Predators Inside You.

“Listen, girl,
there is nothing fragile about you.
Inside you rest a host of predators,
waiting to be unleashed at your command.

Like a scorpion,
you must sting when you are endangered,
and let your poison paralyse your enemies.

Like a lioness,
you must hunt those that threaten you,
and raise cubs who are agile hunters like yourself.

Like a cobra,
glide effortlessly passed your hypnotized enemies,
only sinking your fangs into those who have wronged you.

Like a shark, you must circle your enemy,
define it’s movements,
striking only when you know it well.

Those who mistreat you,
will tell you you are fragile,
they will convince you
that you are weak.
Let them think that you do not know
what you hold inside you.
Let them think that your heart
is broken and weak.

And then,
when they think that they have won
and push you for their advantage…

Unleash upon them
the waiting predators that guard you,
destroy them without mercy
with the wildness inside your heart.”

-Nikita Gill

Meanwhile Poetry


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