Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

MM 100: Week 2.

Workouts 9 – 20

Monday (9 & 10)

That was the most half-assed workout I’ve ever done. Holy crap. I tried working out during lunch because I was working from home and that was an utter failure. I did great for about 10 minutes and then it just kind of petered out.

Which means that I am probably going to go back and redo it this evening, because I am so disappointed in myself.

And I did. When I got done working, I just “f*** it”, put my shoes back on and hit play…again.

That really is why you should just do things right the first time, because if you don’t, you just end up repeating some stuff.

Ugh. Monday.

Tuesday (11 & 12)

Okay, today was much better. Cardio and an upper body strength workout. I primarily use 5s and 7.5s. The 7.5s are Bowflex which can be changed out anywhere from about 5 to 50 pounds. The 5 pound dumbbells I use are individual (Thanks Carol & Mike!), but today I switched them 7.5s out for 10s. That might’ve been a small mistake, since I couldn’t actually do all the reps, however I didn’t feel like I was feeling a lot with the 7s. Can’t wait for the next upper body workout to see if the 10s are easier!!

Last night was pretty crappy with food. I ate a lot of ice cream and some popcorn, so…you know, I made some great decisions there. But I did some random interval workouts to hit my calorie goal of 2200. I knew how absolutely disappointed I would be if I didn’t hit my goal, so I made sure I got it done!

And I am going to remember that sad feeling for the next few days so I won’t go on an ice cream overload again…at least for a while. ūüėČ

Aaand…Since weigh in is tomorrow, I am probably still going to go for a walk or something else today. Especially because it’s 45 degrees outside! Heatwave!!

Wednesday (13 & 14)

Weigh in: 187.2 to 183.4

Ookay guys. Today I learned my lesson. Since I did so well this past week with staying on nutrition and workouts, I decided to ‘treat’ myself and instead of eating my healthy meal-prepped lunch, I ate a giant bowl of Captain Crunch! But now…now I am so very very hungry. I cannot seem to get full! I have had a small protein shake (because I can never get down a full one), I packet of beef jerky, and so far one tuna sandwich (I will probably eat a second one here shortly). I for sure screwed myself today. In the future, if I ever do that again, I will eat a small bowl of cereal¬†as a side, not my entire meal!

On the workout side, I got my pre-workout in the mail today! It came in the cutest little box! I am trying Twenty2 Nutrition’s Cherry Lime flavored Pre-Workout. It smelled amazing!! The taste…meh, it was okay. Not great. But it did great things for my workout!

After my workouts, I think I have more energy after my workout then normal, which is fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, my muscles are toast (in a good way), but I now feel like I can still function.

Also, I have been so freaking sore in my legs. We picked up some Epsom Salt and I took a bath with that last night. Game changer. Seriously. My legs feel so so so much better!

My weigh in today was fantastic. I was honestly¬†very¬†surprised. I think most of that was ‘water’. I have been dehydrated for¬†yeeaaarrrsss and now that I have been drinking the proper amount of water for a while, it’s starting to pay off. I don’t anticipate seeing that much weight loss every week. If I do, I will probably change things a little bit since I am aiming for 2 pounds a week.

But seriously….¬†Why did I only eat Captain Crunch for lunch?!

Thursday (15 & 16)

Today was a Freestyle Flow and Lit Cardio. I normally don’t like the freestyle because it’s kind of a yoga-esque workout, and I prefer to be more active. But today I really enjoyed it. It was nice.

The Lit Cardio was the typical cardio workout. Nothing super special here.

After that workout though, I also did a Jessica Smith walking video on YouTube. My sister sent me one of her videos one day, and I fell in love. I will normally play one of her videos on my laptop (on mute) while watching a movie or some TV. Best of both worlds! One day, I did a Beachbody workout in the morning and a Jessica Smith video in the afternoon. I actually burned more calories with Jessica Smith than I did with a Beachbody cardio workout.

And…. (17, 18, 19 & 20)

And the rest of the week didn’t go so great. I did get my workouts in, but barely.

For food, we had gotten a free order of Hello Fresh so we made those (post coming soon) which means my calorie counts were a lot higher, but that was okay. You can’t live super strict all the time.

Hopefully next week goes better!

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