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MM 100: Week 1.

First things first…

About the Program

In case you don’t know what it is, here are some details about the Morning Meltdown 100 (or MM 100) program…

  • It is lead by trainer Jericho, who is one of my favorites!
  • There is a live DJ, whose music I don’t actually like (sorry Jesse!!), so I usually mute or lower the volume and jam out to my own tunes. That keeps me waaay more motivated and pumped up. He is pretty fun to watch though!
  • They are actually numbered 1 through 100 which is a great way to keep track of where you are. I absolutely love that!
  • There are 2 different modifiers. Sometimes I am able to do the full workout, sometimes I follow the first modifier, sometimes the second. No shame. I gotta do what I gotta do!
  • It doesn’t have to be done in the morning, but it’s probably even better if you did. I don’t like waking up early, so…I don’t. Maybe before the end I will, but right now I do it right when I get home from work.
  • There is a book you can buy, but I didn’t do that. I just printed the schedule from the Beachbody on Demand site and transferred it to my planner.

Workouts 1 – 8

I am doubling up these workouts (which there is an actual schedule for) because I want to finish this program before my 31st birthday.

So this is what I’m doing.

2 workouts a day, and between them it usually takes 60 minutes or less.

I’m also grateful to my job, because I can wear whatever I want. Which means I have been wearing leggings to work. That way, when I get home all I have to do is change my shoes and maybe my top and get shit done!

I’ve been doing pretty well this week.

  • No soda
  • Lots of water! (which I always struggle with, ugh…water.)
  • Kept my caloric intake right around 1200
  • I really just tried to take things one day at a time, not to look to far ahead.

I just try not to think about it. I did a core workout on Friday, which I freaking hate. Core workouts are the absolute worst! But instead of complaining or thinking “hmm..maybe i’ll just skip this and move on to the next” (like I’ve done in the past), I just hit play. Didn’t even stop to think. I saw workout #3 and played it. Period. End of story.

Thursday: I actually started the program today, so this week is a little bit shorter. First 2 days were pretty okay, especially since this is the 3rd time I’ve done them in a couple months.

Friday: Sometimes keeping my calories low really sucks! We made a pizza tonight which was 370 calories per slice. I also baked some garlic knots at 120 per knot. Now normally, when we make pizza, I have at least 2 slices, sometimes 3. Not tonight. I ate 1 1/2 garlic knots and one slice of pizza. I almost grabbed a second, but stopped myself. And really, after that first slice, I was okay. I no longer felt hungry. We have some salad in the fridge that I could’ve had if I needed it.

Saturday: A freestyle flow class (not my fave) and Lit Cardio, which just about killed me. I decided that I would wake up early (and by early, I mean wake up at 10:30, lay in bed on Facebook and Instagram for a while and then actually get out of bed at 11 #LifeWithoutKids) and workout first thing. Just get it done! That way I would burn off extra calories all day long and I wouldn’t have to figure out when to do it.

I have also discovered that I am way more…responsible? when I work out in the morning. I usually end up drinking more water and paying closer attention to my nutrition. That’s probably because I’ve already worked my ass off and I don’t want that to be for nothing. If I workout in the evening, my day is already done so there is nothing I can do about it.

Maybe this next week I can work on staying responsible during the day because I have a workout that night.

I tried recording myself (with a x10 speed) to test it out. It was a little fast, but I honestly think I put in even more work, so I will be doing it again, just at maybe a x5, so I can see a little bit more of it. I will start sharing some of them on my weekly posts for those that are curious, or would like to laugh along with me! Some of the things I try…. It isn’t always pretty. 🙂

Sunday: Today was Downbeat Strength (lower body weight training) and Fight Club. Downbeat strength is for sure not my strong suit…at least not yet! But I did what I could. I did take quite a few breaks. I normally enjoy Fight Club, since someday I really want to try MMA, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into today. I still did the workout though.


That was my mantra this week. Just hit play. That’s all you have to do.

Within 30 minutes or so of my workout, I am at my computer typing my thoughts onto this post, that way I can record my true thoughts and feelings about the workout, and maybe my day. Being honest and upfront with myself, and you, is important to me.

Week 1: Done!

I finished the first week! I feel really good, like I accomplished something, which I did. Now I just need to carry these feelings into next week.

I’m trying to find the best way to display my dimensions and weight and stuffs, so once I made a decision there, that info will also be on here somewhere.

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