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Movie Review: Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer (2013)

Alright people.

Saturday night. I couldn’t really decide what to watch, so I was browsing through Hulu and found Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer from 2013.

The cover image looked stupid, but I decided to watch the trailer.

It seriously looked as though the trailer actually gave away who the killer was!


So that of course means that I had to try watching it.

Which also means I am going to ‘live’ blog this movie.

Enjoy the ride guys.

News flash: There are spoilers coming, so if you haven’t yet seen this movie, proceed at your own risk. But also, this movie is from 2013 so come on now.

Update: These are my thoughts as I was watching this movie. If you haven’t seen it, you really might want to watch it before reading this. Legit. Originally, I thought this was going to be another super stupid movie, but the end is rather fantastic!

Which is why I am putting some space between that info and my thoughts

Plenty of space.

For you to stop and find the movie on Hulu, or somewhere else.

That’s right.

Go find it.


Do it.

And then come back and read.

Or read along at the same time.

Have fun!

  1. That mask is horrible…and also terrifying.
  2. I have a hard time believing that an entire flag pole could go through your body.
  3. Wow. This judge is making the judge life look grand. What a house!
  4. This dinner has the awkward feel of a first date. Jeesh.
  5. Yellow and red walls?! Are you serious?
  6. She still has her old child-hood bedroom? Why hasn’t this been updated?
  7. Okay, these two are co-workers. Co-Workers! This dinner/house tour should not be so cutesy cutesy. Get to work guys. Gross.
  8. That’s right copper. Snoop through her dad’s office.
  9. So, this girl and her dad go for a walk together every morning? What time does she have to be at the office? I need her life.
  10. Also, I am now hungry for waffles.
  11. Wait, does she live with her dad? I mean, the look of that house, I wouldn’t blame her. But hopefully not in that old bedroom.
  12. I do appreciate how outraged her father was at getting arrested. That seemed very authentic. I hate watching a show or movie and the person arrested is just super calm.
  13. Why were his meds taken away? Do you not get medication in jail?
  14. Oooohhhh…This lawyer is gettin real snippy with the judge. Wow. Also, she looks like she had a rough night. If I was an attorney, I would try to look more put together than shaggy ass hair.
  15. There it is. I have been waiting for the creepy ‘looking in from the windows’ scene.
  16. Who the hell has swords hanging on an office wall?! This movie. Good grief.
  17. Dang it! Now I want Chinese food!
  18. I wonder if it really was the teacher, and then the cop took over. Or…maybe it really is her dad? Hmmmmm…..
  19. Whoa. Hold up. That is a super cute navy (black?) and white striped dress.
  20. Another creepy window scene. This is why I love curtains, especially at night.
  21. GO GET HIM GIRL!!!!
  22. Please tell me she turned that guy in. She is in the middle of a murder trial…use your brains child.
  23. This movie is kind of awful. Not going to lie.
  24. Oh good, she did turn that stalker in.
  25. Phew. oh thank goodness. The courtroom stabbing thing was just a dream.
  26. Are you kidding me? Someone has broken into their house?!
  27. Horror movies are why i’m afraid to wash my face and then look up into the mirror.
  28. She seriously cannot be sleeping in her old bedroom right?
  29. Was she just stabbed?
  30. I am so confused.
  31. Who is this guy?
  32. Hero cop saves the day from a pansy ass bitch.
  33. At least she paid enough attention to notice he didn’t have any scratches on his neck.
  34. Oh they totes gonna do it later. 😉 😉
  35. I’m so glad I got out of the black eyeliner phase.
  36. Hold. The. Phone. Are those two really going after a potential serial killer without a cop?
  37. Why are they not wearing gloves?! Now they are going to end up in prison. No. Just. No.
  39. NO!
  40. Seriously?!
  41. Oh no, poor Freddy. Holy shit.
  42. That was crazy.
  43. Whoa.
  44. So I half called it. I don’t think the young cop is actually involved, but I’m glad the teacher was.
  45. Even though it looks like the case is over, there is still 15 minutes to go. It ain’t over yet.
  46. Huh. Maybe the cop is involved….
  47. Something might be happening to Freddy.
  48. Boom. 4 People. Uh oh
  49. The face the Freddy is trying to call Shelby letting her know a serial killer is still out there is the reason I always like to have my phone on.
  50. It’s either her dad, or the cop.
  51. But….since the cop is young, maybe it’s her dad? Or maybe it’s the cop’s dad?
  52. IT’S HER DAD
  53. Shut the front door.
  54. Oh my god.
  55. He wouldn’t kill his daughter though would he?
  56. Quit looking for all the momentos and get the F out
  57. Maybe he actually killed her mom too? I don’t remember what they said had happened to her.
  58. He doesn’t really want her to become….yup. He does. Dad of the year.
  59. Wait. Maybe the cop is still involved…maybe he is one of the off-spring of the others.
  60. Nope. I bet the cop is in the trunk.
  61. This movie is a roller coaster.
  63. Bust the camera first.
  64. *Sigh*. They never learn
  66. You can do it. Come on.
  67. Get your shit together and keep going.
  68. Okay, I feel kind of bad for suspecting the cop over and over.
  69. SHUT. UP. NO. NO! WHAT?! NO!
  72. I WAS RIGHT!
  73. NO!

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