Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

New Pillows!!


In the living room.

Aka…for the couch and chairs.

This has been an ongoing argument since June when we bought our new couches.

These are 100% the ugliest pillows I’ve ever seen (or owned) in my entire life!


If you like them, congrats! I still have the covers and would love the send them to you!

In reality, the leathery brown side (which is exactly like the couch, which makes sense because they came together) is super comfy and nice to nap on, but the other side…*shudder*.

Our house has a lot of brown, so I really wanted to pull some color up from the rug.

Because these do. not. match…


We have argued so many times about getting new pillows.

A lightbulb finally freaking clicked on in my head, and I realized that it was just a pillow cover and that I could take them off.

So I did, and Justin found some new covers on Amazon for about $22 for a set of 2.

This has made me so entirely happy.

So happy.

Are you ready?

How about now?


Look at how pretty they are!!

And look how great they match!


Should we compare the two..


Yup. Much better.

So much happiness for only $50.

Happy sigh.

Happy day.

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