Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

Insanity: Week 2.

Day 8 (Monday)

I didn’t get it done in the morning, but I got it done.

We weighed in today and I was very happy to know that my body fat went down and my muscle percentage went up! Which means that this (I hope) is working.

I have a completely different motivation this time, so i’m finding it much easier to do the workout everyday.

I no longer want to just use Insanity to ‘get ripped’ and what nots. I just want to finish the program! That’s it. If I do end up losing weight and gaining muscle with this, that’s just a bonus.

Day 9 (Tuesday)

I am getting so much better! Today was Pure Cardio. I hate pure cardio because there is no rest inbetween the different difficulty levels. Just go go go.

However…. today I actually did the entire level 1 warm-up all the way through! Last time I got through the first three without stopping, this time 7! I am pumped!

Day 10 (Wednesday)

A nice sweaty workout. Not a lot to comment on…

Day 11 (Thursday)

Ugh. I was not in a great mood this evening. Today was supposed to be Cardio Recovery, but I hate that day. It’s mostly stretching and what not.

I just really wanted to move! Be active!

So instead, I made my workouts work for me, and I did a Jessica Smith workout on YouTube. I LOVE her. Her videos are awesome!

I don’t feel like I cheated or betrayed my plan. Nope!

I feel good. I feel accomplished. I feel way better than I would have if I did my scheduled workout.

Sometimes you have to change things up. It was just for today. Tomorrow I will go back to the plan.

Day 12 (Friday)

Today was a bit crazy, so I decided to make Friday my rest day instead of Sunday.

Ya gotta make your workout work for you, so I did.

Day 13 (Saturday)

Well shit. I got sidetracked with a bunch of stuff and didn’t get my workout in today either.

Day 14 (Sunday)

Since I missed the last two days, I did two workouts today.

It was a tad rough. But I freaking did it.

Which means that Monday is the 2nd fit test. I really hope my numbers have improved at least a little bit.

Week 2 Results

This past week, I lost a smidge of weight but sadly my muscle and fat percentages had not improved.

I have a hard time eating after I do my workout, which means I’m probably not replenishing all the good nutrients and what not.

This next week will be better though.

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