Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

The Konza Prairie.

The Konza Prairie. I love hiking out there. I consider it hiking (even though others consider it walking) because there are some steep hills, a little rocky terrain, etc.

I usually go out here once a week to get in some clean fresh air, and take in the gorgeous views.


There are different routes you can take, from 2.5 miles up to about 6.5. It doesn’t matter which one you take, they are all a great workout, with great scenery.


Luckily, they have maps placed at each new lap point so you know where you are and how much farther you have to go.


Whoa! Look at that! Who knew! Knew what? I have no idea. There is nothing out there. Which is kind of the point. 🙂

Last time I went, I almost came back blind. A grasshopper hit the corner of my eye so hard. It seriously hurt. Luckily, no bruising! And I think the little hopper lived.


The farther out you go, the more open the views. Every once in a while you can hear vehicles from the interstate, but mostly it’s just the sounds of nature.


I usually mix up the paths I take each time I go so there is less boredom.

I highly recommend walking these trails at least once, if not dozens more.

If you get tired of walking, just sit on some of the giant rocks they have placed intermittently and just enjoy the view. It’s well worth it.

Keep in mind, it’s a biological research station for K-State so be respectful. Stay on the trails. Don’t bring pets or bikes. Follow the instructions. And if you have a few spare dollars, throw them in the donation container for good karma!

♥ The Rebs.

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