Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm


We have had a very busy couple of weeks.

California, Mexico, then Milford. 2 full weeks off work. It was amazing.

We left Kansas late May and flew to California for our friend’s wedding.


Becca makes fun of the way I drive in Manhattan, mostly because it makes me nervous and she thinks it isn’t traffic. They picked us up from the airport. I now believe her and I actually feel way more confident driving in Manhattan.


That girl is a pro!

We stayed with her mom for a couple days and the view was incredible!

Becca talks about her home-town malls all the time. She took me to one, and it was crazy huge and amazing.


And while we were there, we grabbed some pizza for breakfast. We used to have a Sbarro at the Manhattan mall and the Pepperoni pizza was my all time favorite…and then it went away. 😦 In reality, it was much better when I was younger.


Aaaaand…Justin went to see Overwatch live. He had a great time. I think Kalib survived through it. Not quite his thing. They were behind the booth thing and were actually on the live stream thing. I honestly have no idea what i’m really talking about.


Her mom hosted a family BBQ Thursday night so most everyone could meet and mingle. News flash, men really do read instructions!


There was an actual palm tree in her yard!!


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We also went to a place called Hamburger Mary’s for her California bachelorette party. It was amazing! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to find a place in Kansas City.

Friday morning we drove up to Lake Arrowhead which was a very fun (not really) curvy road.


Lake Arrowhead was gorgeous. Our room overlooked the ceremony. Speaking of the room, it was kind of a nightmare. It was actually 99 degrees when we got into our room. When we left Sunday morning, it was about a cool 50 degrees. Luckily, we got a discount when we checked out due to that nightmare.


The rehearsal dinner was held a local pizza place and they had this sign….


The wedding was perfect, and gorgeous, and all that jazz.

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Then…Sunday. Oh sweet Sunday.

We didn’t go to bed after the wedding. We spent some time helping them clean-up, and then hanging out with some of the wedding party. Lots of booze…and maybe some other stuff. We might have caught 2 rough hours of sleep before our ride showed up at 4 a.m.

We flew out of California at 7-ish with a flight through Phoenix and then we landed in Puerto Vallarta around 5 p.m.!!!!

It was…Mexico. We didn’t take many pictures. We just wanted to enjoy our time together.

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The last full day we were there, we were already burned, but then ended up playing 2 hours of water volleyball, and then about 2 hours of actual beach volleyball. It was a blast!! It was seriously the best time.

However, Alison (using 3rd person because I was that stupid) mostly drank alcohol and didn’t listen to Justin when he handed her bottles of water. Which means that Alison was very sick the next day from heat exhaustion. Which is the day they were traveling home.

I can now go back to regular speak….and our flight leaving Mexico was over 2 hours delayed due to mechanical problems. Which means we missed our connecting flight in Atlanta by about 5 minutes. Luckily, there was another flight an hour later. It was quite possibly the worst day of my life.

The happy couple got a new Monopoly game and we went over to play it after we got home.


Then we went to Milford Lake for the Martin family reunion.


Justin on the tube…


I had a blast messing with my sister’s face!


This thing wasn’t ours…but holy cow, super cool and SUPER HUGE!! I think it could fit about 15 people, maybe more.

Now we are home. And I am packing like crazy for our move in less than two weeks!

Man. I’m think i’m seriously tired. I need a vacation from our vacation.

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