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We Bought a House!

Last, last weekend, after we got back from a fun Saturday (17th) celebrating my birthday we had a notice from our apartment complex. I won’t go into a lot of details, but needless to say we needed to find a new place to live by June 30th, and we had to give them notice by the end of April.

We weren’t planning on buying a house until later this fall, so this moved up our timeline a bit.

For anyone that knows Justin and I, we don’t agree on a few things. We have discussed what we would like in a home many times, and many times we haven’t agreed.

So, Sunday we looked around online. BOOM. We saw a picture of a house. And we both loved it. I honestly never expected it to happen, but it did.

So we got a realtor, she set up a visit. We went to the bank. We toured it again. On Thursday (22nd) we made an offer. And then we accepted their counter-offer. On Thursday.

We literally decided to buy a house, found a house, and signed a contract within 5 days.

And that is how it’s done.

We are currently going through inspections and we won’t close until late June, but holy crap, I am so excited!

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