Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

Chicken Crust Pizza.

Yes, you read that correctly. A pizza made with crust that is made out of chicken.

I found this recipe on Fit Men Cook. That’s also where I found the recipe for making large quantity chicken. I also saw many more recipes there that I will be trying at some point.


So yeah, the gist of it is, you throw some raw chicken in a food processor (or Ninja Blender)

Chicken in Blender

You add some cheese and herbs.

And turn it on. Then this happens. I have never seen chicken in a blender before…it was weird.

Throw it on a pizza pan…

Dough Ball

Mush it out real thin…

Pre-Baked Crust

And you bake it! Just the chicken. Nothing else right now.

Baked Crust

Then you throw on the toppings and cook it a little bit more.

Finished Pizza

It smelled Ah-Mah-Zing!

However, eating it…well. It tasted good, don’t get me wrong.

You take a bite, and it kind of seems like crust. and realize it’s chicken.

If I make it again, next time I will make sure that I have toppings go all the way to the edge. Normally I love a crust. Not when it’s chicken. I kind of thought it would taste like a chicken nugget, and. I. Love. Chicken. Nuggets. Sadly, it did not.

So, spread out the toppings more.

And hopefully, it won’t be as weird the next time!

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