Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

Here’s My Sign.

I am praying to God that whoever actually reads my blog has heard of Bill Engvall.

When I was a youngster (not sure how old) my older sisters started listening to his “Here’s Your Sign” album. On CD because that’s how we did it back in my ‘olden times’.

If you haven’t listened to it, you must. I know for sure it’s on Spotify, but you can probably find it everywhere.

Anyways, the gist is, people say stupid things, and they deserve a sign saying so…aka “here’s your sign.”

I grew up listening to this album because it was amazing.

So, my freshman year of college (also, my only 2 months of college, but saying freshman year sounds better) I ended up getting stuck in the elevator of my dorm at K-State with my roommate. We got along pretty well and had just popped down to the dining hall for some food to being back to our room.

Stuck inbetween floors, we decided to sit down and start eating while waiting for the fire department to show up.

They did, not sure how long it took, but I don’t think I took that elevator for quite some time after that.

So, they get there, knock around (no idea why, didn’t ask) then this happens…

Them: Everyone okay in there?

Us: Yup (or something like that)

Them: Where are you at?

Me: …In the Elevator.

….. Here’s Your Sign.

There was silence from the outside. Inside, I think my roommate was dying on the floor she was laughing so hard. Turns out, they meant what floor was showing on the buttons. Man, that was an embarrassing moment when they finally let us out and the firemen are still laughing.

Love, A.

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