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My Marriage Doesn’t Have a Hashtag.

I have an addiction to my cell phone. I am the first to admit it. Sometimes it’s hard to just set it aside and not think about it. I don’t post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter very often though. Mostly, I use it because I feel bored. So I see what other people are up to, or read incredibly stupid articles about incredibly stupid topics.

One thing I see many posts of are couples doing things together. That is one thing I’m not great at doing, for many reasons.

  1. When Justin and I actually do things together, I like to be in the moment. I try to keep my phone in my bag or pocket, or just leave it at home. For me, getting my phone out to take a selfie and then posting it online doesn’t make me feel like I am dedicating my time to our relationship.
  2. I suck at taking selfies! I really do. I can take about…50 pictures and get 1 good picture out of the bunch.
  3. Neither of us really enjoy having our picture taken. Which sucks for him cause I do enjoy being behind the camera.

I wouldn’t mind taking more pictures of us to someday hang on our walls, since we don’t really have that many, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon. We have our engagement pictures, and our wedding pictures. Other than that though, we might take one a month? Maybe? Probably less though.

I would much rather embrace the time I spend with him than letting everyone else in the world know how much fun I’m having.

#MuchLove, RR.

2 Responses to “My Marriage Doesn’t Have a Hashtag.”

  1. Andrea Alldredge

    I couldn’t agree more…don’t get me wrong I used to be really bad about it and just after my miscarriage I realized how much I spent on social media and not being “connected” with my family. I was there but wasn’t. So I took a month of off facebook/instagram and it was so much better! I do still post pictures of Emerson so I can update my family from far away. ❤ I like your bling keep it up!


    • Alison

      Thanks! I never realize how much time I do spend until Justin mentions something. I keep wanting to take time off, but I never can! I just can’t pull the plug 🙂 and of course you have to post pictures of your precious baby!!!!!!!



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