I Loved Justice League.

We went and saw the new Justice League movie over the weekend. Before we went, Justin mentioned someone on Facebook posted how they hated what the movie did to Wonder Woman. Made me curious, so I was even more glad we were on our way to see it.

I completely forgot what he said during the movie.

I ab-so-lutely loved it!

I have seen every superhero movie that’s been made in the past few years. This was actually my favorite out of all of them. Even the Avengers. Shocking, I know. One of the main reasons, the length of the fight scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies with blood and fighting. I love them! I just hate long fight scenes. For me it makes me feel like the movie drags on and on and on and onandonandonandon… I think you get the picture.

I wouldn’t mind that long of a fight scene if the ending was different, but it never is. Good guys always win so spending 30 minutes watching these people fight it out gets boring. However, in the JL movie, the fight scene seemed so much shorter. I was actually able to enjoy it. It didn’t drag the movie down.

Now, as for all the other B.S. going around about this movie…

People are angry about Wonder Woman. Either about her outfits, butt-shots, personality, and whatever else. Seriously? Can we talk about double standards? I was curious so I googled previous Wonder Woman outfits. I am pretty sure that this current WW outfit actually covers more flesh than the original! Also, the amount of time spent on Gal Gadot’s ass is way less than the amount of time the men spent shirtless.

And if you enjoyed seeing Momoa shirtless (which I extremely enjoyed!), then shut up about Gadot’s ass. Because I sure as hell loved seeing him walk shirtless through crazy water chugging whiskey (or whatever he was drinking). That might have actually been the best part of the movie (must take a minute to fan myself)! And don’t forget about Cavill! He also spent a large portion of the time he was in the movie shirtless. So, if you also thought seeing large parts of their body was gross, then go ahead and complain. But if you enjoyed their muscular chests…Shut. Up. If we can ogle mens bodies, why can’t they ogle ours? I’m not saying touching, I’m saying watching. As in a movie. A movie that these actors/actresses have been paid millions to be in.

As for the Amazon costumes, not all of them wore a ‘skimpy’ two-piece. Also, those women work really f-ing hard for those bodies, why shouldn’t they show them off? I wasn’t angry at seeing their abs, instead it helped motivate me. No man in the movie attacked them because they might not have been as fully clothed, not only because there were no men around, but because they are mother f-ing amazons. They didn’t wear bikinis or thongs. Their breasts were fully covered and looked very supported. They looked incredibly kick-ass and powerful no matter what costume they wore. Maybe we can be outraged if every woman was horrified at what they had to wear, but I really doubt that is the case. I bet they are damn proud of their bodies and they have every right to show them off.

As for WW’s casual outfits. I have read where people hated the jackets she had to wear, the leather pants, the low-cut shirts (which personally I thought looked kind of comfortable), the high-heeled boots since they were used to show off her legs..basically, every single thing she wore. I would like to point out the Woman in Wonder Woman. That’s right. Woman. As in female. As in, she has breasts and maybe wants to show them off? I see nothing wrong with that. I see nothing wrong with her wearing tight leather pants, considering that is clothing that I SEE ON THE STREET EVERY DAMN DAY OF MY LIFE! Should she have worn baggy sweat pants and turtle necks so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities? They didn’t force her to walk around in bootie shorts and a crop top during her daily life! A normal shirt and leather pants. I can’t. I just can’t.

I’m not even going to touch on how Aquaman “sexualized” his teammate by basically saying how hot Wonder Woman was. Yes, it was a stupid part of the movie and felt like a place they wanted to just add a little comedy, but good lord.

Also, Wonder Woman isn’t and wasn’t the main focus of this movie. Which is correct. It’s called the Justice League. Not Wonder Woman 2. Why do you think she should have had a bigger role? It wasn’t just her movie! The Flash, Cyborg, they all deserved, and I believe received, equal time.

I really hope I am not the only woman out there who thoroughly enjoyed Justice League and could give a flying f*** about the so-called “sexism”. Let me know if you also enjoyed the movie!

♥ RR

One thought on “I Loved Justice League.

  1. I completely agree, many people announced that Justice League did not come up to their expectations but I found it amazing. Yes, it is suppose to be surrounding all the superheroes in the DC Universe not only Wonder Woman. Though, I would love to watch Wonder Woman 2 if they plan on releasing one.

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