Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

A Family Recipe.

I LOVE Strawberries. They are my favorite red thing ever!

My sister gave me a recipe book the first Christmas we were married and in it were recipes from both of our families. It was such a lovely gift and I treasure it. Mostly because I have found recipes that I completely forgot about.


It’s not that I forgot about this precise recipe, but I haven’t made it in a very, very long time. My Aunt Mariane died the summer I graduated high school from a long battle with cancer. This strawberry salad creates a deep memory of her for me. This was at every family dinner we had. It was always sooo good.


So, you start with some Strawberries then add some vanilla pudding. Fun fact, apparently everyone in the Manhattan area uses vanilla pudding for Thanksgiving since all that was left when I went Tuesday night was the store brand.

Personally, it looks a little gross to me….and Justin? I think he was concerned.

Justin Concerned

But we carry on! Add some marshmallows, then the most delicious delicious delicious thing.


Did you guess what the most delicious delicious delicious thing was? It is… (drumroll please!)………..

Cool Whip Package

Man, I miss eating this stuff for dinner. (I was broke, it was in my freezer. Don’t judge.)


While I was mixing this up, this guy came out to see what was happening… In case you can’t tell, he just loves having his picture taken.

And my punishment for taking said pictures…

Oh how I adore him.

And while we are on recipes, here is a sweet one my Aunt and Uncle added to the beginning of my recipe book. I’m glad there is a pound of laughter in there.

Happy Home Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving!

♥ Ali.

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