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What I’ve Been Watching.

I love watching TV and movies. It’s like a nice escape from my everyday life.

We don’t have cable or anything. We use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and a Plex server.

So, here is what I have been watching recently:

Liv & Maddie

I like to release my inner child sometimes so I binge watched Liv & Maddie (Disney Channel) on Netflix this past week or so. I watched the series finale last night and cried for the last two episodes. *sigh* I’m such a sap. It was a fun show to watch. I mostly watched it because the main actress is Dove Cameron. I became a fan of hers after watching Descendants where she plays Maleficents daughter.

The Mysteries of Laura

Okay, I actually have watched this (or season 1 or so) before but I stopped due to some reason I don’t remember. I recently tried again. Literally, tried. I didn’t make it very far. Okay, we don’t have kids ourselves yet, but I have 6 nieces and nephews between my two sisters. I have dealth with screaming, unhappy kids and I don’t mind for the most part. It’s a part of being a child. I would rather that than a child with no personality what so ever. HOWEVER, I couldn’t even make it through the first episode this time due to their fucking kids and the soon-to-be ex-husband who took zero responsibility of them in the part I saw. I quit watching after the twins ran through the…well, the room where the cops desks are…and bumped into a detective, spilling her hot coffee all over her. Did the kids apologize? No. Did their mom (aka her co-worker) apologize for them? No. Did she make her kids apologize? No. Fuck that. I was done, and I won’t be sorry be for it.

Desk Set (1957)

I adore this movie! Katharine Hepburn is just wonderful. Everyone is just wonderful.


I started watching this show when it first came out, and once again, stopped somewhere towards the end of season 1. I binge watched this to catch up also and they are now on Season 3. I can’t wait for the new episode every week. It’s pretty good stuff.

The Good Place

What The Fork?! For some reason I didn’t start watching this until this past month. I don’t know why! It is so gooooood! So Good. Seriously. Just watch it.

I am also watching…

  • Lethal Weapon (the remake)
  • The Brave
  • The Gifted
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Mom
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  • Death in Paradise
  • Madam Secretary

Over and Out,

4 Responses to “What I’ve Been Watching.”

  1. Marianna

    Interesting choices of shows and movies. You gave me some great ideas for my next binge watching marathons 🙂


      • Marianna - Binge Watchland

        That’s great, I’ll check it out now. It’s so great to get some fresh recommendations because I really have watched everything I wanted so far. I just finished Mindhunters, you might like it, it is based on real events!


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