Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm


Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday was just a great day.

I spent the first half of the day at work since I took Monday off in order to get a four-day weekend. It was well worth it.


After clocking my eight hours, I met up with Becca and P to talk wedding, and do some light shopping. I found this beauty at Marshalls.


My rule about Marshalls: If it isn’t under $10, I’m not buying it. That might sound a little stingy, but that’s how a play. That way if I really really really really want it, I will have to fork out more.

I have a very hard time even spending $20 on a shirt. It’s a piece of cloth. Something that just keeps me decent and not arrested for exposing myself in public. If I’m looking for something new to wear, I usually go to Goodwill first.

When I was a kid, I hated thrift stores. Hated them. It made me feel poor, and cheap. I wish I could go back and slap my younger self in the face.

Thrift stores are the best thing in the world, or at least one of them. Seriously. Why spend $40 on a shirt, when you can possibly find the exact same thing, or close to it, for maybe $5? And you won’t have to worry about that first wash anxiety of colors bleeding and what not. It’s already been washed at least once!

This is my new favorite. Oh my lord. This thing is so soft and comfy! And seriously. $2. T. W. O. You can’t go wrong with that. It’s soft. It’s a cheerful color. It has the word happy on it. How can it not make you happier just wearing it?


On Sundays, or let’s face it, the weekends I prefer to stay in my pjs until I need to go somewhere. Today, I decided to actually get dressed when I woke up and maybe it would help motivate me to do more stuff today.

So far, it has worked really well.

I feel incredibly energetic and I’m not quite sure why. Hmm…

Oh well. I’m just going to put it to good work.


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