Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

Stupid [Beeeeeeping] Neighbors.

Oh apartments.

How I f***ing hate you.

Now, normally I enjoy living here.

But really? What are you guys freaking doing up there? Having a bloody rager?



I would apologize for all the cussing, but i’m really not that sorry.

We pay a large amount every month to live in a decent apartment, the one thing I expect is a little peace and quiet.

It is vibrating our walls. The couch. My freaking life.

At this moment, I am literally singing along to the Selena Gomez song they are listening to.

It is that loud that I can understand the lyrics coming from the floor above us.

Now, the question is, do I channel my inner Gordon Ramsay and go up there myself, or just call the cops?

I mean, people listening to Bad Liar can’t be serial killers right?

To fellow apartment dwellers, keep your music down. You might be pissing off a neighbor.

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