Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

A Little Nap Never Hurt Anyone.


My almost favorite activity.

(Sleeping is #1).

I think I usually end up taking at least one nap at my in-laws every time we visit.

Once, I think I might have taken two.

My second mama takes it as compliment, as she should.

It just means I feel super comfortable.

I never could quite figure out why though, until yesterday.

We went by my parents house to wish my dad a happy early Father’s Day and my mom happened to mention something.

Everytime my dad went to his in-laws house, he took a nap on the floor.

So, it is clearly just in my blood.

(Except for the floor part, I just take up the couch).

So, in honor of dads, this one is for you Pops!

Thank you for teaching me the art of napping. 


Your #1 daughter, Ally. ❤

3 Responses to “A Little Nap Never Hurt Anyone.”

  1. ihaveabadsenseofhumor

    Napping is literally the best! I think the most naps I’ve taken in a day is 3😂That was probably a bit extreme but sometimes you’re just so tired it’s necessary



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