Stupid [Beeeeeeping] Neighbors.

Oh apartments.

How I f***ing hate you.

Now, normally I enjoy living here.

But really? What are you guys freaking doing up there? Having a bloody rager?



I would apologize for all the cussing, but i’m really not that sorry.

We pay a large amount every month to live in a decent apartment, the one thing I expect is a little peace and quiet.

It is vibrating our walls. The couch. My freaking life.

At this moment, I am literally singing along to the Selena Gomez song they are listening to.

It is that loud that I can understand the lyrics coming from the floor above us.

Now, the question is, do I channel my inner Gordon Ramsay and go up there myself, or just call the cops?

I mean, people listening to Bad Liar can’t be serial killers right?

To fellow apartment dwellers, keep your music down. You might be pissing off a neighbor.


I keep getting more and more obsessed with cooking.


It’s becoming an addiction.

Gordon Ramsay.

He is wonderful.

Especially when he is yelling at people on MasterChef.

I am not a huge, huge fan of MasterChef though. I really enjoy his more calm, online teaching videos.

I have never watched more than one episode of a cooking show before.

Gordon may cuss at people a lot, but I think he is actually rather sweet and wants people to do well.

Oh good grief people. Why why why do you say you nailed the dish?! WHY?!

When people say that, I know that it’s going to taste like crap.

But seriously, how do people come up with this crap to cook?

They are magicians. I don’t think I would never be able to be in a cooking competition.

That is super stressful looking.


Also, I don’t understand half the things they say!

I have some studying to do.

Also, how fun does that hand mixer thingy look?

♥ tRR


This past weekend, I took my friend Becca to my hometown(s) and gave her the grand tour. We started in Marysville, went to Washington, then on the Hanover to meet the family.

It oddly felt a little bit like a date.

Bringing my girl home to meet the ‘rents.

In the end, we decided not to stick around for the firework show and went back to Washington to eat at Mayberrys, where I used to work for a couple years.

They have upped their menu a little bit and added a cajun menu.

News flash: Alligator is freaking delicious.

If anyone is in Washington, Kansas, please stop by Mayberrys and eat some alligator.

Also, I have never had sriracha sauce before and after eating the dip that came with it, I went out and bought some.

The evening ended even more amazingly though, because guess who is an MOH?

That’s right!

I am.

Matron of Honor in the house!


Calling myself a matron makes me feel incredibly old….

But oh well, I have an awesome bridal shower planned so who cares?

-tRR ♥

A Little Nap Never Hurt Anyone.


My almost favorite activity.

(Sleeping is #1).

I think I usually end up taking at least one nap at my in-laws every time we visit.

Once, I think I might have taken two.

My second mama takes it as compliment, as she should.

It just means I feel super comfortable.

I never could quite figure out why though, until yesterday.

We went by my parents house to wish my dad a happy early Father’s Day and my mom happened to mention something.

Everytime my dad went to his in-laws house, he took a nap on the floor.

So, it is clearly just in my blood.

(Except for the floor part, I just take up the couch).

So, in honor of dads, this one is for you Pops!

Thank you for teaching me the art of napping. 


Your #1 daughter, Ally. ❤

How Is My Day?

How is my day going?

Well, it’s so lovely you would ask.

Let’s see.

It started with amazing cramps, and a large amount of allergy drainage.

It ended with me forgetting to turn the oven on to bake my brownies.



News flash!

You have to actually turn the oven on in order for them TO ACTUALLY BAKE!


Okay, thanks for letting me vent.

Peace out.

Vacation & Motivation.

This past week we went on a short vacation with my family. We rented a lake side cabin at Milford and enjoyed a day of boating, attempted skiing (not me), tubing, s’mores,  and lots and lots of loud children.

It was a blast, and also rather exhausting. We were glad to get back home.

The swimming pool at our apartment is finally open and I am so pumped to get to start using it.

I have decided that I am going to make the most of this summer.

Usually I will have some fun ideas of summer plans, but never do them and then winter will come (#GameOfThrones) and I have so many regrets of what I didn’t do. So this year will be different.

I have started to create a Summer 2017 Bucket List. It’s going to be amaze-balls.

I have me 10 year class reunion coming up. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not. I am definetely not where I had planned to be 10 years after graduation, but I am very satisfied with my current life.

Then my hometown’s Days of ’49. I will be bring my friend Beccs along so she can experience small town Kansas. I am so excited to show her around my old stomping grounds.

I have also started doing some intermittent fasting which I have actually enjoyed.

I went on a road trip with my papa-in-law. It was a great time. My first time riding in a semi and I felt on top of the world. Literally. It was fun to look down at all the other cars.

I am also working on cooking and making everything from scratch. I have discovered that I really enjoy cooking. It is very soothing for me. I mean, I’m not super great at it yet, but I’m getting there.

And to finish it off, I have started hard core working out again. Gonna get that smokin’ summer body!