Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

My Apologies.

Wow. I really haven’t posted in quite sometime.

Curious to know what I have been up to?

Me too.

Cause i’m not really sure.

Let us venture into the life of Alison.

In the past two months:

  • Turned 28
  • Signed up for my first 5k (next weekend)
  • Accepted a new job (where Justin works)
  • Had my first paying photography client
  • Discovered I don’t think I really like doing portrait photography
  • I much more prefer landscape and abstracty stuff
  • I’m trying out a pair of acrylic nails
  • I found out I have a hypothyroid, which means I get to take pills for the rest of my life
  • Took my first Krav Maga class, and loved it
  • Had my last day at my old job
  • Forgot to add, went to my first New Found Glory concert! We got Justin a VIP ticket so he got to meet the band for a 2nd time. I hate to mention, but this is only my 2nd concert in my entire life. It was a blast and I learned that I will never go into a mosh pit. That thing looked like a pit of death. Also, they are AMAZING live!

NFG Conert

It’s been a good, and rough couple of months.

Hopefully it’s all on the up and up from here!

2 Responses to “My Apologies.”

  1. Deb

    Is the job the one you were telling me about? What is hypothyroid? Keep forgetting to tell u I really enjoy this sight!!!! What will u be doing at your new job?


    • Alison

      Yes, it is! Hypothyroid is an underactive thyroid. Which has some super fun *not* side effects. I will be a content editor and I am so excited! And thanks! I’m hoping to post a lot more regularly now. 🙂



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