Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

A Sinking Ship.

I don’t often write, or talk, about politics. To be honest I don’t actually know that much about it. My history and government classes in school sucked and I never paid much attention. Now, however, I wish I had.

Please excuse my harsh language, but if you don’t like what our President is doing…tough shit. Then get the f*** out. Yes, America is the country of free speech and now it’s my turn. I was so hoping that once the election was over everyone would just shut up. But no! They didn’t. I still have to see it on Facebook and Twitter, on the news.

I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Hillary. In fact, I didn’t vote at all. I didn’t want Trump in office. I didn’t want Hillary in office. I didn’t want the other random people in office. There was no one I fully supported, so I didn’t vote. I do not feel like this makes me a bad American, or unpatriotic. I love this country. I am an American to my core. I tear up every single time our national anthem is played, even if it’s just on my playlist.

I know people will tell me that I have no right to complain about what our President does since I didn’t vote for him. That’s true. However, I will complain about the complainers. The bitchy little children who get on social media sites and talk about how Trump is Satan. How Trump is taking us all to Hell. They talk about the crazy power trip he is on. Some mention how they are ashamed to be Americans because Trump wants to ban certain countries. That they can’t believe he won’t allow refugees into our country.

Why do you care so much about refugees when we have veterans living on the streets? Instead of seeing celebrities walk the red carpet in their expensive clothes protesting Trump and his ban, I would rather see them giving that money to help the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and free. Refusing entry to refugees is un-American, but letting veterans go hungry is..what? Patriotic?

I really do not care that the terrorists behind the 9/11 bombings might not have been from a banned country. And I do not care that the terrorists behind the Boston Marathon bombings aren’t from a banned country. I’m sure there are many more in those banned countries that would like to do worse. And I am positive that there are many people in those countries that don’t want to harm us in any way, that just want to come here for sanctuary.

I’m sorry. I really am. I feel for those people, but at the same time America is not as safe is it once was. I do not feel as safe as I did when I was a child, running around carefree catching lightning bugs at dark and going for walks at midnight when I grew up. I can’t do that anymore. I am on the lookout when I just walk down the street. I no longer feel safe in my own country either.

I do not agree with everything he is doing, but for all his bad points, Trump really is just trying to make America great again and I cannot fault him for that. Yes, I am scared about what he will do but I’m just buckled up and ready for this crazy, possibly nightmarish ride that he is going to be taking us on for the next four years.

That’s right. I said four years. You bitching about how horrible he is will not get him kicked out of office. The only thing your endless complaining on social media does is piss off everyone else on there. I know it’s your right to complain, so please do. Just don’t sound like a whiny child when you do. Face the facts that Donald Trump will be the most powerful man on the planet for the next four years.

Why do you want him to fail? WHY?! Why do you complain, question and doubt every move he makes? Imagine for a moment that America is the Titanic, and Trump is the Captain. Wanting Trump to fail is like hoping that he runs into that iceberg. I know that he has some insane ideas, and hopefully someone behind him will help him, give him guidance in the right direction.

I want him to make countries that harbor terrorists to tremble at the knees at the thought of what we will do to them if they attack us. I want them to fear us so that we might be safe in our own country. That is all he is doing, trying to keep us safe. I appreciate that he is putting Americans first ahead of other countries. We must rebuild before we can give aid to others or we will only hurt ourselves.

I want that man to succeed.

I want him to make America great again.

Why don’t you?

♥ An American.



2 Responses to “A Sinking Ship.”

  1. samthornburg

    This is everything! Could not have said it any better. I cannot tell you how many people I have unfollowed, because of their CONTINUOUS posts about something that is already done.



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