Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm


Oh darling 2017.

It is so nice to see you.

December 2016 ended with the Martin Family Christmas.

Lots and lots of food, games, and children running around having a blast.

Meredith helped teach me some things for my camera and I am now more prepared for some family and engagement sessions I have lined up for this month.

Lacy gave me some great advice about life and marriage.

Justin got very drunk and we decided to leave so the family could get to bed.

My friend Kate was having a very pleasant NYE and then we kidnapped her (with her mother’s permission, since she is a wee bit younger).

2016 ended with us laying on Broadway in Marysville.

We each said one thing we would accomplish during 2017. Not a resolution, a goal.

Kate will go skydiving.

Justin will write the first chapter of his novel.

I will write that children’s book I have been thinking about.

This year, I will be more patient.

I will disconnect from my phone and social media more often.

I will give more, and take less.

I won’t give up on things when they get boring or hard.

This year, I will be proud of myself when December 31, 2017 comes around.

This is going to be a good year.





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