Month: January 2017

Photoshop, Podcasts and Partners.

SO MANY CHANGES will be happening soon. Friday night my sweet, darling husband spent the evening helping me recreate The RR with his mad coding skills. I honestly don’t even know what all he did. Mind you, it’s not completely finished, but it’s getting there….


I am in the process of giving The Rural Rebel a face lift. I needed to change her up a little bit. So please, stick with me while I make up my mind! I promise, it will be worth it in the end.


Justin had a secret date planned for us on Thursday night. I had zero idea what we would be doing. I kept asking questions, but nothing ever gave me enough of a clue. That man can keep a secret. Jeesh. We drove down Poyntz…parked…

Giving Up.

Two simple sentences. 2017 is summed up for me in two very simple sentences. I give up on so many things. A ridiculous amount of things. Small things, big things, it didn’t matter. If something started getting hard, or boring, or if I simply…


Oh darling 2017. It is so nice to see you. December 2016 ended with the Martin Family Christmas. Lots and lots of food, games, and children running around having a blast. Meredith helped teach me some things for my camera and I am now…