Month: December 2016

Minimalism and More.

I have loved the blog for a long time. I love their way of life. Just recently Netflix made a documentary about them and that lifestyle. Tonight, I am watching it. One reason I never want to go Black Friday shopping; I never want to…

This Is Going To Be Fun.

I received a new cook book for Christmas. It has some great recipes inside! I am so excited to try out ALL of them. Though, I don’t know if Justin is excited. -The RR. ♥

Christmas, Part 1.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. It felt like December has been a long month. We spent the weekend with J’s family in Wilsey. It was a great weekend filled with fun, food, and lots of family. We started the weekend with some drink testing….


I just read an interesting article about how a habit takes 66 days to form. With New Years just around the corner I have been thinking about my resolution. I usually only make one. I can’t even do that for the first month so…

Canon Rebel T6

I bought a camera! I am so excited to start taking loads and loads of pictures!

ThrowBack Tavern

We went out last Friday night to the ThrowBack Tavern where a friend of mine was working. The cheese-balls were amazing. There was a pool table that the boys found entertaining along with karaoke that I will hopefully someday convince my brother from another…

Stew, Caramel, and Jokes.

I made some of my mum’s beef stew last weekend. Yum Yum Yum. I make very simple stew though. Meat, potatoes, onion, carrots and celery. Then, I pretty much just eat the meat and potatoes. Delicious. Sadly Justin doesn’t like stew. Weird man. These…

Mr. Know-It-All.


Saturday night was Justin’s office holiday party. The theme was 1920s Casino Night. I adore the 1920s. Sadly, I didn’t really want to spend the money for an amazing costume. Instead, Justin did the dressing up and I just went comfortably. It was a…

The Blue Moose.

A new restaurant opened up in Manhattan. We ate at The Blue Moose in Topeka and loved it so I was really excited that one came here. Friday night they had a “soft opening” and you had to make reservations. I LOVE having reservations….

The Library.

I love libraries. I adore them. I love the smell of books. Especially old books. I recently got a library card. I love this book! I love the pictures! I love the diagrams. So much of it is true. If all you do is…

Old Friends.

There are few things better than getting together with an old friend. Tonight I had dinner with Cindy, a girl I went to school with. We were almost college roommates but decided against it. However, we did spend a lot of time together during…