Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

One Year.

November 13, 2016.

Our one year anniversary.

I have learned so much during this past year.


I see a lot of posts about being with your best friend.

Justin isn’t my best friend.

I go shopping with my best friend. We discuss hair styles. We talk about lady problems.

We watch chick flicks together, and go to Target to look for things we do not need.



I tell my husband everything. Well, almost everything.

Sometimes he wishes I didn’t.

We have money struggles, together.

I wonder about our future. Sometimes I worry about our future.

I’m excited about the future.

Justin is so much more than a best friend.

He is my companion and partner, my rock.

The one man I know without a doubt will always protect me.

I trust him with everything that I am.

He’s my Justin.


We will build an amazing life together. Hopefully, one with a lot of children.

One with much laughter, kisses, hugs and tears. Most likely some yelling.

It will be a great one though.

We made a promise to each other one year ago.

A promise to always love each other, even though we may not like each other at the time.

A promise to never leave.

With love, Mrs. Falter.

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