Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

Bentley’s Buddies.

So it has been a few days weeks since I have posted. Sorry about that. I wish I had a decent excuse, but it was pretty much pure laziness. It has been a busy couple of weeks though.

I’m going to start with Bentley’s Buddies Batting for Down Syndrome.

It is an annual Duck Soup Softball Tournament ran by our friends Matt and Aubrey (mostly Aubrey). I’m honestly not sure how many years she has been doing this but it is the 2nd year that we have participated. Aubrey’s daughter Bentley has down syndrome. I adore B. She gave me a hug the first time I met her, and I will never forget it. Watching Aubrey with Bentley has also been teaching me the meaning of patience. They are both incredible and I am so lucky to know them all.

So, to begin, the drive. That’s basically it. We had to drive an hour and a half to get to Jamestown and the weather was gorgeous. We also jammed out to some great music.




The main beverage of the day….



We got snazzy new pink shirts this year (last year was blue). wp-1475900056425.jpg



So, I love panorama pictures! They are seriously so much fun.

(Matt is the man holding the baby in the middle, in his defense he isn’t that gaunt looking, it’s the panorama.)

(The baby is little Ty, their son.)

(Who is seriously SO CUTE!)

(OK, moving on.)

Duck Soup Softball.

Each game is 5 innings.

Each inning has a different theme, kickball, tennis, bat backwards, run the bases backwards, or just regular old softball.

For those confused, batting backwards means that if you bat right handed normally, you bat left handed that round and vice versa. Running the bases backwards means you start at 3rd, then 2nd, 1st, then home again. You don’t literally run backwards. It’s hilarious watching it, not doing it. Your teammates will be screaming at you while you are hitting the ball to run to 3rd, and you will still start for first. Every once in a while someone will have to actually run across the field to go from first to third because they forgot.

And someone from the losing team has to ump the next game. By the end of the day the calls could be pretty questionable depending on how much beer was consumed earlier.




Every team has a fun different color of shirt, just with the same logo.


Next year we will plan so much better. I will be bringing a blanket of my own, maybe an umbrella. It was so sunny. It was only about 75 degrees at the hottest but man. Justin’s head was getting burned so he borrowed Ty’s hat during nap time.


We didn’t win the tournament, but we still had a blast. I’m looking forward to going again next year. I love seeing last year’s picture compared to this year. It’s amazing how much difference a year makes.


Stay feisty.

-The Rebs.

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