9 Miles

9 Miles. That is how long we walked today. 9 long miles. J and I woke up at 8 this morning, got dressed and downed some Gatorade energy gummy things.


Then we headed out to Linear Trail to do the entire thing.


We started here at 9 in good spirits. The weather was pretty decent, a little sticky but there was a nice breeze that helped cool things off.

I don’t think I saw anybody else walking, mostly biking or jogging. Around the 3 mile mark maybe there was this cool sign.


It looks they measured out the planets into the walking path. However, I only saw two signs, one for Mercury and the other for Saturn, which was a lot bigger than Mercury.


People were very friendly. Most smiled and said hello which did kind of surprise me.

There were a lot of places that were gorgeous, like this grove here.


We also enjoyed some of the local art work.


1.5 Miles left! At this point we sent a text out to our ride so he could get ready.


We jogged a little on the last stretch. We really wanted to get there before noon, which we did!

9 long miles later…..





VICTORY!! A little tired, a little sore, but feeling great!

And thanks to my Brother From Another Mother (aka brother-in-law) who came and got us and drove us back to the other side of Manhattan to our car!


So..What did you do on your Saturday morning?



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