Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

The Weekend!

I love weekends. They are the best thing ever, except for weeks when you’re on vacation. That’s when every day is great! It has been a busy weekend. Friday night we went out to Carlos O’Kellys where I had a delicious White Peach Sangria (or two). We popped next door to Hastings where they were having a going out of business sale and then Best Buy to get me a headset to game with. 

I had to work Saturday morning which sucked but after a delicious lunch of Dairy Queen’s chicken strip basket (gotta love that gravy), I went and exercised for an hour. Jimmy Johns for supper and I just realized we ate out way to much this weekend. 

Sunday (aka today) I went hiking on Linear Trail with my friend Becca. It was gorgeous out there. We only went 3 1/2 miles and we decided to hopefully do the whole trail sometime this year. 

I guess people decided to try to turn it into France and have started hanging padlocks on one of the bridges.

The day is ending with the final day of Justin’s softball tournament. Hopefully they win game 1 at 7 which means they will play again at 9 for 1st or 2nd place. 

It is very humid out here. However…


And now I’m watching a game of sand volleyball after work.

I feel like there just isn’t enough hours in a day. I have so much stuff to do, but not enough time to do it all. 

For some good news…I lost 2.5 pounds this week! I really want pizza. And funyuns. And French fries. And chicken nuggets. And popcorn. And pizza. And Pepsi. And French fries. And strawberry fruit gushers. Are you maybe understanding the need for weight loss? Did I mention I want pizza and French fries? And maybe a Kit-Kat. 

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