Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

The Bachelorette.

Some of my new friends love The Bachelorette, while I had never seen an episode before. I went to B’s house to watch one and I was hooked. I am catching up on previous episodes and I decided to just capture my thoughts while watching one. You’re Welcome. Haha!

Week 5. OK. Let’s do this.

I adore James Taylor. Jordan looks/acts like a d-bag.

Her clothes are so freaking adorable! That red dress. Oh man. Love it.

I keep thinking about UnReal (because it’s awesome!) and how much of this is actually real? 5 weeks. Psshaa.

Does the host have a smooshed nose?

Does that one guy look like John Krasinski?


I’m not sure about Chase. Your a little wierd. Aww..poor Wells. Wait, 31? He looks 19!

It smells like my oven might be on fire. Be right back. Wait! Wells just got a date! (smooch)

Why are the guys laughing at him. Alex, I don’t like you. Don’t be an ass. I don’t like you. Nope. Awkward? Really? YOU MADE IT AWKWARD! Jerkface.

Aww..They are cute together. Her outfit for the date…not.

Still lovin’ James Taylor. JT. Love it. He is so far the only one who hasn’t made fun of the guy yet. I think it’s good that they haven’t kissed. Patience Wells, patience! There is no such thing as a perfect moment! Just do it! Super awkward cheek kiss. Yikes.

Hey D-Bag! There is nothing wrong with taking things slow! Oh F-off.

That pool thing looks fun! JUST KISS HER MAN! AAWWWWW.

Wells. A little awkward. Different….I think I like him.

I want Wells and JT, and maybe the one dude whose name I don’t know. Not Alex. Not Jordan. Not Chase.

Is she sweating or is she just wearing a lot of glittery makeup?

Sad. Goodbye Wells. Hmm…

How uncomfortable is that microphone under all her clothes.

Don’t say NNNOOOO but smile. Guuhhh.

My pizza smells so good. Oh my gosh. Yumm. Is it time to eat yet????? No 😦

I love all the bright colorful building of Argentina.

Robby, what’s with your stupid looking shoes?

Luke…kind of a cutie.


Penalty kiss? good lord. let’s see if someone makes it. Come on JT. YYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!

Boom! He better get the group date rose. I will be pissed if he doesn’t.

SHUT UP JORDAN. No one cares what you think.

I can’t do this anymore. This is ridiculous. I gotta eat my pizza.

Peace out.




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