Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm


I have a rant inside me and it needs to come out.

I’m sure many of you have seen at least one of the #challenges that are out there. There are some that are good, like the #22Kill which helped bring awareness to the fact that about 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. You do 22 push-ups every day for 22 days. I had a friend on Facebook do it and she was inspiring, considering I could barely do one. I didn’t actually do the challenge, I just watched the videos. The#IceBucketChallenge was to raise awareness and money for ALS. One of the problems with it was that a lot of people didn’t realize that you were actually supposed to donate money depending on what you did.

Then we get to the stupid people.

There was a challenge where you set yourself on fire. Yes. Set. Yourself. On. Fire.

#A4Waist (The Paper Waist Challenge)

#ThighGap (The Thigh Gap Challenge)

#UnderBoobChallenge (The Pencil under the boob Challenge)

#BellyButtonChallenge (The Belly Button Challenge)

and so many more.

The latest #challenge has me pissed. I just happened to see the:


I’m sorry. What? WHAT?!


Who?  Who?  Who?

If a woman came up with it, she deserves to..I don’t even know what. Hopefully whoever started it doesn’t have daughters. If they do, they need to be taken away from them. Those girls need parents who respect females…and who aren’t complete SH!THE@DS! You know what, it doesn’t matter if they have girls or boys, they don’t deserve to have children.

The point of the #PantyChallenge is for girls to take a picture of their underwear without any stains or marks. I. Can’t. Even. Nope. Luckily there are a lot of girls against it, thank God. I haven’t actually seen any people I know do it. If they did, we would no longer be friends, because this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

Yes, setting yourself on fire is completely stupid but I liked to see that as getting rid of the idiots on earth. If you are stupid enough to set yourself on fire just to get on the internet, then you deserve whatever happens to you.

Anyone who does a superficial challenge like any of those are JUST. PLAIN. STUPID.


Girls need to start being smart, using your brain, stop being so vain. It doesn’t matter if there is a gap between your thighs. That doesn’t mean your healthy. Your waist is the size of a piece of paper? Hopefully you didn’t starve or vomit your way to get to that point. No one needs to know if I can hold a pencil under my boob. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS IN MY UNDERWEAR.

If you want people online to see in your underwear …then do porn.



Ok, I think my rant is over. Hopefully. Thanks for listening.

-The Rebel.


4 Responses to “#Challenge.”

  1. Colleen

    Are these other challenges for real? Maybe someone should start a #setyourunderwareonfire.


  2. ihaveabadsenseofhumor

    What the actual fuck!? I’ve heard about most of the other challenges, but this one hasn’t caught my attention yet… I have no words for this besides why?
    And also lot of curse words but I’ll spare you from those:P



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