Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm


Happiness is something that so many people are in search of. One thing that I love about myself is that it does not take much to make me happy. Think about it. The world is all about the next big thing, buying the newest toys, the coolest clothes and shoes. Here is a small list of the small things that bring me happiness. If you are ever feeling down, just try one.

  1. Plain vanilla ice cream cone
  2. New fingernail polish
  3. A short nap
  4. A hug
  5. Having a friend over to watch a movie
  6. Listening to a super fun up-beat song (for me it’s I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island)
  7. Watching a YouTube video, usually one by CollegeHumor, probably a video better meant for women…  Periods Aren’t That Gross
  8. Watching a Sunset or Sunrise
  9. Playing a game of cards
  10. Swimming

P.S. #6 is even better if you watch on YouTube with Julianne Hough

P.S.S. How cute is her hair? So Cute!


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