Real Life with a Touch of Sarcasm

I Must Get This Off My Chest.

I have recently become obsessed with Scandal. Its on Netflix and I finally started watching it this past weekend. I. Can’t. Stop. I can’t. It’s impossible. However, there is one thing about it that is driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.

Why did they write in older children for the President? I spent 1 1/2 seasons trying to figure out where they were at and then half way through season 2 you learn that they are at boarding school. What?

My problems….

#1. If my father was running for President, I would totally be there. You saw the Obama daughters all the time.

#2. IF MY FATHER WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD, I WOULD BE AT THE HOSPITAL. Where the hell are these children? What the frack?

Seriously. Why did they even bother writing them in? I don’t know if you ever actually see them? I’m still only in season 2, but really. They are not necessary.


Please excuse my type vomit, but my frustration with this show manifested itself onto my screen. I feel much better. Thank you for letting me vent.


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