Jeff Goldblum.

There is a woman in my department who does not like Jeff Goldblum. So, obviously, we all have pictures of him at our desks.

However, I have a special picture at mine. I won this bad boy during a training session.


I seriously love trivia, competitions, and winning.

Man, this thing is glorious!

Little Apple Core Challenge.

This is the 2nd year Manhattan has had the Little Apple Core Challenge. If you haven’t heard of them before, it’s where local businesses sign up to basically compete against other businesses in different activities.

The basic facts:

  • Every business has a team of 20 employees, who each sign up for different events
  • If over half the team shows up for the opening ceremony, you get 10 bonus points
  • Each place in each event get’s to corresponding point balance (1st place=90 points, 2nd=80 points and so on)

It started with the opening ceremonies (and yes, they even had the olympic music, which made me laugh and amped J up). That was followed up with the Scavenger Hunt around the City Park.

We were literally running around the park. It was cold, and we were sweating..obviously.


He just loves getting his picture taken. ♥

We came in 3rd place for the scavenger hunt, but over half our team showed up so after that day we were actually in 2nd place all together. Not bad to start off with.

They had a “Core’s Got Talent” portion and shuffleboard, which bumped us up to 1st place! Thanks to that we had a ‘bye game’ Saturday morning for kickball and we didn’t have to play until 10:30, which was great since it was 25 degrees outside. I honestly don’t know if I could have worn anymore layers. So so so many layers. But we were nice and toasty!


I CAUGHT A BALL!! Actually, I caught several of them. It was super exciting.


OOhh..My man’s got some mean pitching skillz.


Sadly, we didn’t win, but the fact that we only lost by 3 points means we got 7th place in kickball. 😦

We won’t know how that has affected our overall score until Monday.

But we still have 2 more weeks of activites ahead of us so we can come back. J and I are participating in…volleyball, bowling, darts, tug-of-war, and…actually that might be it.

I look forward to seeing what happens.

We Bought a House!

Last, last weekend, after we got back from a fun Saturday (17th) celebrating my birthday we had a notice from our apartment complex. I won’t go into a lot of details, but needless to say we needed to find a new place to live by June 30th, and we had to give them notice by the end of April.

We weren’t planning on buying a house until later this fall, so this moved up our timeline a bit. Read More