I have tried doing Insanity so many freaking times.

I bought it probably around 8 years ago? I remember feeling fat and out of shape and awful.

Oh man. If I could go back now, I would realize how amazing my body was.

Anyways, I’ve never actually finished it. I might have made it through 2 weeks before…maybe.

This time, I am seriously determined to finish it.

Which, in reality, i’ve probably said that before too.

I will be doing weekly check-ins, kind of as an accountability tool.

See how i’m feeling, if i’m actually doing it, any progress made, etc.

Wish me luck.

Ha! I don’t need luck.

Just kidding.

I could use lots and lots of it.

Let’s do this, RR.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Bed Bath & Beyond.

Along with buying a house, we discovered we needed to buy everything that came inside of it. We spent much time in Bed Bath & Beyond, or the 3Bs as I call it.

We even signed up for the annual membership thing they have where you spend..I think $30 a year for 20% off every time you go in. It was rather helpful.

This is where we bought all our bedding, and curtains, and coasters, and so on and on and on.

One day, when we were wondering around trying to find something, we came across these pillows that we are assuming a bored young college kid must have made.

It seriously cracked me up!

Just wanted to share the love, please do not follow the instructions on the pillows!! Please! I beg of you! Do not.

♥ RR.

Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps Charity Softball Tournament Sign

Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps & Chicken!

A friend told me about a charity softball tournament for the Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps that was happening this past Saturday. However, I misunderstood the conversation just a tad and thought she asked us to be on her team. I didn’t really ask for super details at the moment. I heard ‘free softball’ and ‘free t-shirt’ and I was there!

What really happened was she had given me the number of the event coordinator and he put together a team of random misfits (which is what everyone called us, even though there was actually a team called The Misfits).

After waking up at 6:freaking:30 on a Saturday morning, we got our morning shake, picked up Justin’s brother and headed to Anneberg Park.


We got our fun shirts and waited for the rest of the team to arrive. We didn’t know who they were, just that they had signed up to be on a team. It turns out they were a pretty fun group of people. We played at 8, 10, 11 and 2.


It was pretty brutal. It’s been a few days and my legs are still so incredibly sore. I’m hoping after a couple more days they will be back to normal.


My shins were in crazy pain after that many games of softball!

No one was actually expecting us to win, but the underdogs rule! However, by the time our 4th game came around, we were all pretty toast. We were down a girl, our first base-woman had a recently healed broken arm, our pitcher was practically throwing up from heat exhaustion, you get the point.

We lost, which we were kind of okay with. We moved to the loser’s bracket where we would have played the team that we run-ruled earlier in the day. We decided to give everyone a break and just forfeit. I haven’t checked, but i’m hoping that they ended up playing the team that beat us in the championship.

It was so much fun though! I really do love softball. I love the..sportsmanship, the skill (which I don’t particularly have), and all the other things I can’t really think of right now. Oh! The hot dogs! I absolutely love concession stand hot dogs.

The Chef is in the House

Anyways, after we got home, cooled off and showered, Jason (the brother from another mother, as I so fondly call him) came over to make some…Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken!

He started with the jalapeno stuffing…. Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, shredded cheese, and some seasoning.

And then he took care of the spicy, spicy jalapenos.

Mind you, I say spicy twice because I have weak taste buds. Almost everything is spicy to me.

Next came the chicken. He cut a slice in the middle and somehow managed to get the jalapeno in there.

Are you guys ready? Are you? This next step is the best. The best best best!


Oh my gosh. It is impossible to describe how much I love bacon.


I love it so much, it got it’s own picture!!

Anyways, back to the point. He then wrapped the chicken in bacon!!!

We smoked them for about 2 hours, even though it felt like 20.

The end result though was amazing!

Num num num num num num num!!!

Finished Chicken

Yeah, the lighting is a little weird. Still trying to figure it out.

Some side notes…


Look at this cutie!!…who absolutely HATES having his picture taken.

I love just holding my camera out and clicking a picture, seeing what happens. Which is how this came about…and then I realized, dang! my skin looks amazing. Thank you water (which I have recently started drinking a normal amount of after spending most of my life dehydrated).


But my God he is lucky to be married to me!!


I also might need to paint my toenails again……

The Freezer.

When we got married and J moved to Marysville with me, he left his deep freezer at his old apartment with his brother. However, it did not get left open which means when we moved it to our brand new house (!!!!) it was rather moldy and smelled horrific.

So, we picked up some bleach, scrubby stuff and gloves, and he got to work! I’m very glad J ‘volunteered’ to clean it, because I really really did not want to.


The Konza Prairie.

The Konza Prairie. I love hiking out there. I consider it hiking (even though others consider it walking) because there are some steep hills, a little rocky terrain, etc.

I usually go out here once a week to get in some clean fresh air, and take in the gorgeous views.


There are different routes you can take, from 2.5 miles up to about 6.5. It doesn’t matter which one you take, they are all a great workout, with great scenery.


Luckily, they have maps placed at each new lap point so you know where you are and how much farther you have to go.


Whoa! Look at that! Who knew! Knew what? I have no idea. There is nothing out there. Which is kind of the point. 🙂

Last time I went, I almost came back blind. A grasshopper hit the corner of my eye so hard. It seriously hurt. Luckily, no bruising! And I think the little hopper lived.


The farther out you go, the more open the views. Every once in a while you can hear vehicles from the interstate, but mostly it’s just the sounds of nature.


I usually mix up the paths I take each time I go so there is less boredom.

I highly recommend walking these trails at least once, if not dozens more.

If you get tired of walking, just sit on some of the giant rocks they have placed intermittently and just enjoy the view. It’s well worth it.

Keep in mind, it’s a biological research station for K-State so be respectful. Stay on the trails. Don’t bring pets or bikes. Follow the instructions. And if you have a few spare dollars, throw them in the donation container for good karma!

♥ The Rebs.

We Bought a Thing!!


We bought a house.

A gorgeous, single floor, three bedroom, two bath, attached garage, large backyard kind of house.

This is the first morning in what feels like months that I have been able to just sit on the couch and…sit.

It feels good.